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Style Advice -S shapes Style

Every woman has something to complain about when she looks in the mirror.
(If you don’t, good for you ) But if you’re like
most women, once you fix the one thing that bothers you, another seems to
emerge. You lose weight; now it’s time for smoother skin. You get your teeth
whitened; now it’s time for buffer-looking arms. The journey never ends.

Why do so many of us feel the constant dissatisfaction? One theory is that the
closer we get to “perfection,” the more annoying other imperfections feel!
(Exhausting, isn’t it?)
With that said, we all have parts of our bodies that are great and parts that,
well, just aren’t. You need to be honest with yourself, know what your strong
features are, and then pick stylish items for your wardrobe that flatter those
areas. The key is to find a style that compliments your shape, size, and stature.

I’m not saying that some items in your closet should highlight what works best
on you. I’m saying all of them should. You should always be your sexiest self,
whether in sweaters, sweats, or sizzling evening wear.
Whatever your shape, you may have noticed that some clothing items fit you
better than others and the sizes vary .

Why? Because each designer uses a fit model as the standard
for their sizing, and each fit model is different, which means that each
designer’s garments fit differently. Because it costs more for manufacturers
to provide a variety of fits for every garment, they just stick to the one baseline
fit and size up and down from there. So if you find a particular brand that
works for your body, see what else is in that designer’s line.

Chances are good that many of the line’s items will also work for you.

Coming up we going to find our best style,from looking at our body types and the best items for you .

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