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S by S

I say this a lot, but there’s no greater joy than
making things. Having an idea journey from
your head into reality gives you ownership of
what you do and of yourself. It’s particularly
top of mind here as I
navigate the world of online stores, words cant express how excited and eager i am to finally doing what i truly love,(more on that on a later post)

I want to celebrate women for what
they create and what they represent. We’re not falling for
large Instagram followings in the hope that a little of that…
shine?…will rub off on the brand. Besides, if you don’t have
a point of view in the first place, then why bother?
A point of view and a hunger to create unite the women.l also wanna celebrate the LGTBI community ,my community ,its 2020 we need to stand strong together, and stop any SHIT-PERIOD.

xoxo S

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