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Shaping your Style

The fruit basket: Determining your shape
What is the ideal shape today? I bet you’re saying, “It depends on who
you ask.” If you look at many fashion magazines, you’ll likely see the ideal
as tall and thin. If you ask the average male, he may say a woman who is
“curvaceous.” And if you ask yourself? Hmmm, that may take a little while
to answer. But here’s the deal: In order to begin to build a wardrobe that
expresses your personal style, you must determine what your shape is.
Okay, don’t roll your eyes, but yes, I’m asking you to assess your body and
then compare yourself to a piece of fruit.

You’ve probably heard these terms
before, but perhaps this is the first time you’ll actually identify yourself with
food that usually works as a centerpiece on your kitchen table.
The shape of many women can be described as bearing a similarity to either
a pear or an apple. Now, take a look in the mirror and decide which of these
you resemble most. If you’re a pear, you tend to carry your weight around
your hip and bottom area, and if you’re an apple, you tend to carry your
weight in your upper body.

Once you know your shape, your next job is to figure out how to use fashion
to accentuate the parts you love and help hide the parts you don’t. By discovering
how to draw attention away from problem areas, you then have the
general knowledge you need to dress in the most flattering way for your body
type, no matter the occasion.
Whether you’re a pear or apple does not mean you’re overweight. Apples
simply carry their weight in their upper bodies, and pears tend to carry their
weight around their hips and bottoms. The trick is to use your clothing to
make your figure more proportioned on top and bottom. What if you don’t fall
into either category (some women are cut pretty straight up and down; others
are fairly proportional)? Fortunately, you don’t have to be either one or the
other to make this information work for you. No matter your shape, you can
use the advice I give in the following sections to make the most of your clothing!
Plus, you have more leeway with what looks good. so this will be a daily blog post where i wiill unpack the shapes and advise you on what works the best for each shape.

Pink Lemonade Margarita

#fridayrefresher Because its 5o clock somewhere

Makes 4

2 cups pink lemonade

1/2 cup freshly squeezed lime juice

1 cup triple sec

1 cup silver tequila

Lime wedges for garnish (optional)

Salt for the rims (optional)

Combine the first four ingredients in a pitcher and stir.  When ready to serve, put the mix and ice in a shaker and shake for 30 seconds.  Do this for each individual drink.  Serve over ice in a glass that has been dipped in salt.  Garnish with a wedge of lime.

Style Advice -S shapes Style

Every woman has something to complain about when she looks in the mirror.
(If you don’t, good for you ) But if you’re like
most women, once you fix the one thing that bothers you, another seems to
emerge. You lose weight; now it’s time for smoother skin. You get your teeth
whitened; now it’s time for buffer-looking arms. The journey never ends.

Why do so many of us feel the constant dissatisfaction? One theory is that the
closer we get to “perfection,” the more annoying other imperfections feel!
(Exhausting, isn’t it?)
With that said, we all have parts of our bodies that are great and parts that,
well, just aren’t. You need to be honest with yourself, know what your strong
features are, and then pick stylish items for your wardrobe that flatter those
areas. The key is to find a style that compliments your shape, size, and stature.

I’m not saying that some items in your closet should highlight what works best
on you. I’m saying all of them should. You should always be your sexiest self,
whether in sweaters, sweats, or sizzling evening wear.
Whatever your shape, you may have noticed that some clothing items fit you
better than others and the sizes vary .

Why? Because each designer uses a fit model as the standard
for their sizing, and each fit model is different, which means that each
designer’s garments fit differently. Because it costs more for manufacturers
to provide a variety of fits for every garment, they just stick to the one baseline
fit and size up and down from there. So if you find a particular brand that
works for your body, see what else is in that designer’s line.

Chances are good that many of the line’s items will also work for you.

Coming up we going to find our best style,from looking at our body types and the best items for you .

Building Your Stylish Wardrobe

After you have an idea of the direction you want to go in, you can get started
searching for the tools — that is, the clothing and accessories — that can
help you to meet your goal. Woo-hoo! Time to have some fun. Your closet is
about to get a makeover, and so are you! The next section has the details.
Using my 10 System to create
the perfect closet
Once you decide on your style direction, it’s time to focus on what you have
going on behind those closet doors. Quality, fit, and style are the most important
factors when creating your wardrobe.

This means everything in your
closet should be first-rate
, whether it’s a formal gown or sweat pants. So
here’s the deal about your closet (and read this sentence over and over again):
Everything in it is a 10 — that is, the best — or it’s about to be. If it isn’t a 10,
guess where it’s going? Yup! Out the door. Nothing less than a 10 is acceptable.

No, not even to just run to the market, walk the dog, or lounge in at home.
In order for your clothing to be considered a 10, it has to pass the following
test. And, yes, you must go through your closet piece by piece, trying things
on and asking these five questions of every single item.

These questions are
in no particular order and are all equally important
. Be ruthless! This is not a multiple-choice portion Every criteria in this list needs to be met
or the item is out the door like a bad date

You must be brutally honest with yourself. Sometimes it helps to have a friend with you, someone whose fashion sense you trust (but any really honest friend will do). It makes the whole process a lot more fun, and you can do it for each other, so you both benefit.

What condition is it in?
Before you even try anything on, take a look at each garment and survey
its condition.

  • Is it permanently stained?
  • Are there holes beyond repair?
  • Isit stretched out to the point that it no longer fits well?
  • Is the material pilly (does it have those little round nubby things that cling to lots of sweaters in particular)?

If you answer yes to any or all of these questions, you don’t even
need to try it on. Toss those pieces straight onto the donation pile.
Does it fit?
If it passed the quality control test, the next step is to try it on. Does it fit?
And, more importantly, is it flattering? Is it really a 10? Do you feel like a million
bucks when you put it on? If not, it’s outta there.
If you have a blouse that goes perfectly with a particular pair of pants but it
happens to be a little tight so that it shows off that bulge around your tummy,
then it’s the wrong choice for you. Ditch it! If you feel uncomfortable about its
defects, you won’t wear it no matter how well it goes with the pants. Better to get rid of that blouse and avoid feeling conflicted every time you see it than to

keep it just because it’s the only blouse you have in that color.
Is it in style?
Is the piece in style? If not, is it more of a classic piece that will always be in
style? Or is it a high-quality item that may come back into style? (The latter
scenario is rare. Even when things come back into style years later, they’re
always a bit different. Remember the shoulder pads in the 1980s? Well, when they tried to bring them back recently, the pads were on a much smaller scale and the whole trend didn’t really take off again, so those pieces weren’t worth keeping anyway.) So, if the piece isn’t a classic and is truly last year’s
trend (or even last decade’s trend), out it goes.

Is it relevant to your current life?
How does this garment fit into your life? Is it an old college sweat shirt? Are
they your spinning shoes, and you haven’t seen the inside of a gym in years?
Is it a sweater set from your younger, more conservative days? Take stock of
your day-to-day life and your activities, and then evaluate what you actually
need and actually wear. Do you need office clothes, workout clothes, party
clothes? It can be all of the above, but if you don’t play tennis anymore or
don’t work in an office anymore, or if anything in your life has changed that
affects your wardrobe, then you need to be okay with letting these pieces go.
Don’t get sentimental about your old suits. If you don’t use them, someone
else may be able to. Isn’t that a lot better? And just think about how nice your
closet will look with less clutter!

Do you ever actually wear it?
This is where you really have to be straight with yourself. We all have things
in our closet that we’re either “saving” or we just think we may wear someday
in this other life we’re not living. Sometimes, the piece isn’t really your
style or color, but you think it’s a nice top and you may find a reason to wear
it one day. Trust me, you won’t. If it’s something you put on and then change
out of every time before you leave the house, you really don’t feel comfortable
in it, so don’t even bother. Just get rid of it.
If there’s even a question, a maybe, it’s out. Seriously.
Obviously, if your ex-boyfriend gave you a sweat shirt back in high school, you
can keep that. Yes, even if it’s full of holes. But there better be a really good
story behind any item you choose to keep that isn’t a 10!

What You Wear: Style Advice

The Key to Confidence
and a Window to Your Personality
You can find many definitions of what it means
to “be fashionable.

When I talk about a personal
style, I don’t mean that your clothes need
to reflect what the latest issue of Vogue shows,
What I mean is that your clothing should reflect
you and your personality. Here’s why:

✓ How you look on the outside reflects
how you feel on the inside. Are you full of
confidence or more the shy type, raring to
go or in need of a nap, ready to meet any
challenge or looking for any excuse to dive
under your desk?

✓ How you look affects your attitude, your
decisions, and often what plans you
choose to make (or, more importantly,
not make). You never know what the day
is going to bring, so you should be prepared
for all situations (within reason). If
you leave the house in the morning looking
so-so, you’re less inclined to accept that
spontaneous invitation for drinks or dinner
after work. You don’t always have to be
dressed up in cocktail attire, but if you
look great and are confident in your outfit
(even if it isn’t as dressy as you’d like),
you’ll be more inclined to accept the

✓ The way you look and feel about yourself
influences your confidence. One of the
sexiest things a woman can own is her
confidence. You want to look fabulous at
all times because, let’s face it, you should
always look like the fabulous person you
are! Confidence is your best accessory
When you walk into a place thinking, “I look smashing!”others will think the same thing. Trust me.