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The juice fast


Exactly what it says on the carton. Ingest nothing but liquefied fruits, roots and vegetables for a set period – anything from 24 hours up to an entire week


The concept has been buoyed by numerous high-profile Hollywood endorsements as well as the widespread assumption that anything green is good for you. As for what you’re meant to get out of it? Juice-fast advocates evangelise about the method’s ability to reverse digestive damage and flush ‘toxins’ from the body. There are a

few drops of truth to those claims: a UCLA study observed an increase in participants’ general wellbeing after a three-day ‘cleanse’, along with a rise in healthy gut bacteria. Meanwhile, kale juice has been associated with a rise in HDL cholesterol (the good kind), and both citrus fruits and carrot have been linked to a lower risk of developing heart disease.

But – and it’s a big but – Harvard Medical School experts have critiqued the lack of scientific evidence for most of juicing’s benefits, especially the vague claims that

it can ‘detoxify’ the body (that’s what your liver and kidneys do). Sure, kale and other healthy foods will support your body’s natural healing processes, but the science suggests that they work just as well when sautéed – maybe along with those morning eggs – as sunk from a plastic bottle. Plus, by stripping the fibre out of fresh produce, you concentrate the sugar. ‘Even if you’ve got plenty of vitamins and minerals, all of that sugar means you’re raising your insulin levels very high,’ says Miller. ‘Most juices don’t include any protein, either, so you’re not getting the nutrients needed to support muscle recovery.’

Lacklustre workouts and cartwheeling energy levels? You’re alright, thanks. Just as, with the best will in the world, you’re no Spartan warrior queen, neither are you a yogini going deeper into your practice on a Balinese beach.

If you must give it a go, fast for just one or two days, ideally when you don’t have much on, and supplement your juice with a blended bean broth for satiating fibre and a touch of protein.

You’re salivating too, right? so will you be giving it a try?

S by S

I say this a lot, but there’s no greater joy than
making things. Having an idea journey from
your head into reality gives you ownership of
what you do and of yourself. It’s particularly
top of mind here as I
navigate the world of online stores, words cant express how excited and eager i am to finally doing what i truly love,(more on that on a later post)

I want to celebrate women for what
they create and what they represent. We’re not falling for
large Instagram followings in the hope that a little of that…
shine?…will rub off on the brand. Besides, if you don’t have
a point of view in the first place, then why bother?
A point of view and a hunger to create unite the women.l also wanna celebrate the LGTBI community ,my community ,its 2020 we need to stand strong together, and stop any SHIT-PERIOD.

xoxo S

What You Wear: Style Advice

The Key to Confidence
and a Window to Your Personality
You can find many definitions of what it means
to “be fashionable.

When I talk about a personal
style, I don’t mean that your clothes need
to reflect what the latest issue of Vogue shows,
What I mean is that your clothing should reflect
you and your personality. Here’s why:

✓ How you look on the outside reflects
how you feel on the inside. Are you full of
confidence or more the shy type, raring to
go or in need of a nap, ready to meet any
challenge or looking for any excuse to dive
under your desk?

✓ How you look affects your attitude, your
decisions, and often what plans you
choose to make (or, more importantly,
not make). You never know what the day
is going to bring, so you should be prepared
for all situations (within reason). If
you leave the house in the morning looking
so-so, you’re less inclined to accept that
spontaneous invitation for drinks or dinner
after work. You don’t always have to be
dressed up in cocktail attire, but if you
look great and are confident in your outfit
(even if it isn’t as dressy as you’d like),
you’ll be more inclined to accept the

✓ The way you look and feel about yourself
influences your confidence. One of the
sexiest things a woman can own is her
confidence. You want to look fabulous at
all times because, let’s face it, you should
always look like the fabulous person you
are! Confidence is your best accessory
When you walk into a place thinking, “I look smashing!”others will think the same thing. Trust me.

Woman Standing Strong

Tamaryn Green is a South African model, doctor and beauty pageant titleholder who was crowned Miss South Africa 2018. She represented South Africa in the Miss Universe 2018 competition and placed as the first runner-up

…I think that every country should have their own rules and regulations, but for a thriving society and for all of us to stand together, we have to understand that we are all human and that we are more alike that we are not. So, we should be open to loving each other, accepting each other. It doesn’t matter where we come from.

During the final word round, each delegate was asked the same question: “What is the most important lesson you’ve learned and how will you apply it to your time as Miss Universe?” Green replied

Throughout my life, I’ve been exposed to both those who are privileged and underprivileged and what I learned is we are all human. We all want to be loved, we all want to belong, and we all want to be seen so we should treat each other that way

Tamaryn is a strong woman who knows exactly what she wants and stands up for what she believes in

Strong women aren’t simply born. We are forged through the challenges of life. With each challenge we grow mentally & emotionally. We move forward with our heads held high & a strength that cannot be denied. WE ARE WARRIORS. Never forget your strength ladies. Happy Women’s day.

recent tweet from @TamarynGreen

which validates exactly why i think she is a woman standing strong

How to Make the Most of Your Wardrobe, According to S*

Although getting dressed each day doesn’t exactly look how it used to—and it’ll still be a little bit
before we return to that place—we will get back there and get to be excited again about putting on
an outfit and showing it off to the world. It’s important that we stay excited about fashion, especially
if it’s something that we normally love to express ourselves through.

Photo by Victoria Borodinova on Pexels.com

So it doesn’t matter if you’re just anticipating the moment life returns to normal, getting tired of
wearing the same set of sweats everyday, or getting dressed in cute outfits for yourself while social
distancing; a stylist’s expert advice can always be helpful.

I can not even begin to count the amount of times I’ve approached my closet—which is overfilling
with clothes—and said to myself, “I literally have NOTHING to wear!” I’ve always loved fashion,
following trends, and most of all, shopping … but I still get stuck on wearing the same outfit combo
over and over and have moments of feeling uninspired by my wardrobe from time to time.
So let’s sort out our closet, and improve our style here are some tips I’ve found.

Photo by Burst on Pexels.com

Take inventory of what you have and what you like before purchasing something new
Before jumping on a new trend and buying something new just because you’re seeing a lot of it,
ask yourself if it meshes well with your personal style and if it would really be a good addition to
your wardrobe. “I love to look at the trends each season and see how they speak to me and my
personal style. Is it the color combos that I like? New silhouettes? A fresh pair of shoes in a new
style that I haven’t seen before? I take inventory of what I have and see what I can add to the mix,
then I start looking based on my budget.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

Adding in trends or luxury items doesn’t have to break the bank
A sure-fire way to keep your style on point is by taking trends from the runways themselves—but
that can get very expensive, very fast. “If you are going to invest in a designer item, “I always
suggest purchasing something for the long haul that becomes a basic piece in your wardrobe,
versus a trendy item.” Try this new idea inviting friends over for a clothing swap to get new pieces
without spending money, everyone wins

Start with a foundation of basics
your closet does not need to be filled to the brim with clothes to have great style. having a few
awesome basics is the true foundation for a great wardrobe. “Every woman needs to own a great
suit that can be worn as separates—if you have black already, try a bold color,” Other essentials?
“An all-purpose tote handbag, denim that can be worn on weekends and for a night out, a classic
black pump ,and of course, a great cocktail dress … and no, it does not have to be black.”

Some of my faves:

  • High-waisted jeans and a fitted bodysuit with a statement boot or mules for spring
  • Strappy sandals and a loose summer dress
  • A great suit with power pumps and a bold accessory, like statement earrings or a cool necklace
  • A statement blouse—a blouson sleeve with denim and a sandal for spring, or with pumps for evenings out or a more dressed-up everyday look

Donate, sell, and give away pieces often
One of the hardest things to do when it comes to your wardrobe (I especially struggle with this), is
to know when it’s time to get rid of some pieces. I am always thinking, “but what if I suddenly need
to wear this?!” about those random dresses at the back of my closet.
“The back of the closet is the hardest place to find inspo. Usually these items are impulse
purchases or one-time occasion options that we don’t know where we will wear next. Get into the
back of your closet and try everything on—if you don’t love it, donate it, sell it, or give it to a friend,”
There could be a plus side to that closet clean out, though. “Sell what you can and donate the rest.
Use the extra funds to find pieces that make you feel confident and beautiful.

However, if you do love something but don’t wear it often, try styling it in a different way
“If you do love it, then try to pair it with something you already owned. Is it a pair of patterned
pants? Try pattern mixing with a printed top. If it’s a summery dress, try pairing it with a sweater
and boots for a fall look. A statement jacket looks great with a white T-shirt and denim, or try mixing
up a more formal item with some of your casual pieces,“It’s trying those familiar pieces in new
ways that makes them feel fresh again.”

Wearing something that fits properly and that you are confident in is key
I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that a lot of people (me included) neglect to tailor their
clothes, for one reason or another. However, Erin stressed that a proper fit is key in looking your
best. “Tailoring is the #1 service I offer my clients. If something doesn’t fit properly, it ruins the look.
Investing in tailoring will give life to your clothes that it doesn’t have: a custom fit!” she said.
It is so important to feel confident in what you’re wearing. “A stylist’s job is to make sure their
clients feel comfortable and present a confident image—whether it’s a red carpet event or press
interview,“Make sure when you are purchasing clothing and putting outfits together that they make
you feel like ‘you’ and confident to be who you are. If you are trying to be someone else or wearing
something you aren’t comfortable in, it shows.”

Always be switching up your accessories, silhouettes, and colors
a simple tip for freshening up wardrobe basics that you probably already have in your closet:
“Accessories, accessories, accessories. For this season, I am loving layered necklaces over a
white T-shirt.“Trying a new style of denim instead of a classic skinny can change an entire look—I
am loving the high-waisted wide leg,” And with leather jackets and blazers, try adding a colored
bag or shoe to make the look more fresh.”

Stay on the lookout for inspiration and keep it fun

Lastly, the importance of continuing to look for inspiration, even if you’re feeling tired of your
clothes or burned out on your style. “Check out Pinterest, Instagram, and magazine editorials and
sshapesstyle see if you can find fresh new ways to style items you already own,“Chances are,
inspiration is out there, you just have to look for it. I am always trying to find ways to make looks
feel fresh and constantly looking for personal inspiration and inspiration for my clients.”

remember to always have fun with fashion. “Fashion is a creative, functional expression for
everyday life. Don’t be afraid to try something new or mix things up. We all have to get dressed
each day, so we might as well make it as fun as possible,”

Which of these tips was most helpful to you or you have your ideas to share?
Let me know in the comments!

Fashion Friday

Get the LOOK

we love kylie jenners style ,but we can not afford it so here are affordable items close to her look.

lets shop this look


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My picks for this week

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