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Fashion Friday- Amrezy

Who is Amrezy (Amra Olevic)

Glamrezy =beauty and style QUEEN

Glamrezy is official on Instagram. Yessss that little blue check mark showed up next to our favorite
makeup artist’s name. Amra Olevic is now Instagram verified, but do we even know who the
baddest chick in the game really is?

We’ve combed the internet and to be honest Amrezy is
somewhat of a mystery, other than what she allows on her Instagram and Twitter there is not much
information floating out and about in World Wide Web surrounding our favorite beauty guru.
However throughout all our searching We did find out a few things you may not know.
Amrezy has an estimated net worth of about $1.5 million. So how did this one time Sephora counter girl get there?

Amrezy or Glamrezy, whichever you prefer to call her actually had her own blog at one point! Who knew? As of now it doesn’t look like she has posted anything since December 2014. Her last post
was about a month out from the previous one and Amra expressed to everyone that her blog was
under construction and she would be back soon… but apparently she decided to stick to Instagram
full time (which probably worked out for her since she hit 5 . 8million )
about me blog post Amra tells us a little bit about herself and her background. First off, if you aren’t
too familiar with who Amrezy is, her real name is Amra Olevic and Amrezy was a high school nick name turned beauty industry must know.

Amra keeps her life totally private. So I guess we will have to settle for makeup tips, outfit goals, and sassy selfie videos.

According to her many Instagram posts which caption her makeup products for the day, her top 5
go to’s seem to be: Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz, Inglot gel liner #77 (for her flawless wings),
Armani Luminous Silk foundation, TooFaced Better than Sex mascara and Anastasia Beverly Hills
liquid lipsticks in Pure Hollywood and Milkshake. Amrezy not only slays her face perfectly, but her
hair as well. Amra is an ambassador for the coveted Bellami Clip in extensions you can use code
Amrezy to get money off of your purchase. We highly recommend the Belissima set!

But in this post We have to take notes on her outfits, for me she is one of the most glamourous and extremely, fashionable,She owns designer dresses, shoes and bags. Amra not only is a social
media star, and makeup artist sent straight from the gods, she is also quite the entrepreneur. In
2014 she collaborated with the Brow Queen herself Anastasia and produced the “Amrezy” Palette.

she was quoted saying she created this palette by giving it everything she thought a makeup artist
would need. Including crease colors, which she says she cannot live without, as well as a few
bright colors for the more daring, matte colors and shimmery colors. Recently with the booming
trend of liquid lipsticks taking off, the walking goddess collaborated with Lip Land Cosmetics to
produce three fabulous shades “Rezy”, “Brooklyn”, and “Montenegro” priced at $18.99.

Amra Olević Reyes

Email • marissa@greyscale-mgmt.com
YouTube • Amrezy
Twitter • Amrezy
Snapchat • Amrezy

you can find Amrezy across all platforms if you want to keep up with her amazing glamourous life

there is no doubt this woman is beautiful and amazingly fashionable and extremely glamourous she has inspiring style and influence to follow.

Woman Standing Strong

Zealous Zozibini

Zozibini Tunzi  is a South African model and beauty pageant titleholder who was crowned Miss Universe 2019. Tunzi had previously been crowned Miss South Africa 2019. She is the third woman from South Africa to win the title, and the first black woman since Leila Lopes was crowned Miss Universe 2011

I think the most important thing we should be teaching young girls today is leadership. It’s something that has been lacking in young girls and women for a very long time, not because we don’t want to but because of what society has labelled women to be. I think we are the most powerful beings in the world and that we should be given every opportunity and that is what we should be teaching these young girls, to take up space, nothing is as important as taking up space in society and cementing yourself, thank you

It’s Women’s Month and @firstforwomen and I want you all to be FEARLESS! #IAMFEARLESS #1STFORWOMEN

recent tweet from ZOZIBINI

Miss Universe 2019 is using her global platform to strive for gender equality, saying she wants to encourage girls and young women to “tap into their power” and use their voice.

“We’re really taught to be followers from a very young age — men lead and women follow,” Zozibini Tunzi told a small group of reporters this week in New York. “I think it’s important because we’re killing so many dreams of young girls. We’re killing so many opinions they have. They could resolve so many issues in the world, but they can’t because they’re not given their platform.”
So she has made it her mission as Miss Universe 2019 to give girls a platform and advance gender equality.
Tunzi, 26, a model from Tsolo in the Eastern Cape of South Africa, was crowned Miss Universe on December 8 in Atlanta, Georgia, defeating nearly 90 other women for the title. New York City will be her base during a year of international travel and appearances promoting her platform.

“You’re not taught to be ambitious as a woman. And so when you are, sometimes you shy away from it or you’re scared of voicing your opinions,” she said. “I think we need to start honing that at a young age to say, ‘Don’t be scared of your power. You have a voice. Learn to use it, because one day it might change the world.’ “

Zozibini Tunzi, of South Africa, takes her first walk as Miss Universe after winning the 2019 Miss Universe pageant at Tyler…

She says promoting her platform is the biggest part of her role and she is excited to take it on.

“I think women should be in women’s corner even more, wherever … across the world, women need to be in each other’s corners. We need each other so much at this time,” she said.

“I like to make an example of how when we’re in preschool, you have a young boy who starts having a crush on a little girl. When he beats her, that’s what adults usually say, you know? ‘Maybe he has a crush on you, that’s why he hits you,’ ” she said. “That is subconsciously really teaching the young men to say that that is how to love, that love is violence, and teaching young girls as well that to be loved means to be violated.”
She says if boys are taught to express affection in a positive way, then they are more likely to grow into men who respect women.

‘Different types of beauties’

It is also important for developing girls’ confidence that they learn to love themselves as they are, Tunzi says. That is the message she hopes she is sending as an African woman who wears her natural hair. There are “different types of beauties,” she points out.
And while she hopes to inspire others as Miss Universe, she has been profoundly influenced by two South African icons in her own life’s journey: anti-apartheid activist Winnie Madikizela-Mandela and musician Mama Miriam Makeba.

“They both really fought for freedom of the women of South Africa and of the people of South Africa, even though they did it both in different ways,” she said.
They and the other women who fought injustice in her country continue to inspire her.

“I’ve always felt that as a young woman in South Africa, it’s my responsibility to make sure that their names never died in vain, and to pick up the baton that they left for us as young women, and to make sure that I give that baton to the next generation so that they, too, can empower the next generation as well,” she said.

Zozibini is a powerful woman standing strong ,making a difference in the world and reigning over the universe ,and i thank her for flying the South African flag high .

Woman Standing Strong

Juiciest Jeannie

This will be a daily post celebrating woman all over the world that i believe are amazing and standing strong.

Jeannie de Gouveia, popularly known as Jeannie D, is a South African television presenter, actress, radio DJ, and entrepreneur. She is famous for her angelic voice through a radio show that she worked in. The show is aired on Good Hope FM radio. She is also renowned for her career as a presenter on Top Billing show. Apart from her job, she also took part in the second season of Strictly Come Dancing, where she lasted for six weeks. The show aired on SABC2.

Jeannie D is a goddess. She is blessed with a sexy body, a beautiful face, and an angelic voice. She has all the qualities that any man would ever wish for in a lady. Her rise to the top has taken her hard work and resilience. The icon that you see has taken many risks in life. Here is all you need to know about her. Jeannie D has left a mark in every venture that she has tried. Her career started when she was young when she learnt the art of taking risks and going for her dreams. She gave her best as a radio presenter and later on took the risk of trying out being a TV host. She is famous for her shows; the Top Billing and the Afternoon Express show.

She is also the reason behind the Jennie D perfume and recently with the role of A boss lady and the owner of FineryGin a Handcrafted gin produced in small batches, using the finest South African ingredients. Exceptional quality. Available in Grapefruit and Cucumber, D also has an informative YOUTUBE channel where she has converstions around the covid19 pandemic and many more its a must watch!

jeannie d is a boss lady slaying the hosting game and remains a inspiration and mentor to many.

Jeannie D Retweeted “There can be no greater gift than that of giving one’s time and energy to help others without expecting anything in return.” – Nelson Mandela

Woman Standing Strong

This will be a daily post celebrating woman all over the world that i believe are amazing and standing strong.

Confident Khanyi

Khanyisile Mbau ,known professionally as Khanyi Mbau, is a South African actress, television host
and artist. Mbau rose to widespread prominence and became a household name as the second
Doobsie in the SABC 2 soap opera Muvhango (2004-2005) as Mbali in the SABC 1 soap opera
Mzansi and SABC 1’s mini-series After Nine. As of 2018, she is the host of the SABC 3
entertainment show The Scoop, The Big Secret on BET Africa and plays Tshidi on Mzansi Magic’s
Abomama.In November 2018, Mbau announced the launch of her own brand of gin called I Am
Khanyi – Millennial Shimmer Gin.
The khanyi way
I feel khanyi Mabulu is very miss understood but that’s ok, it does not affect her at all ,she remains a strong real woman.
who who I feel is so wise and inspiring to me, I realized this when watching an interview with mbau
on sabc 3 real talk ,

i had no choice but to stan, once more, after she left them floored with her storytelling
skills and how real she is about the good and bad choices that’s made her who she is.
Khanyi landed on the Twitter trends list after her candid interview with Mac G was uploaded on

In the fun and entertaining interview, Khanyi spoke about her past, present and her future. Here
are the top quotes from the interview:
Why date a sugar daddy?
“We are broken. My siblings and I are broken because I think our parents couldn’t articulate the
kind of a family we are in … So we have daddy issues.”
How rich was Mandla?
“We had clothes but we would still go shop per person for R60k a day. It got to a point that when
we got to a shop, people had to leave so we could close the doors. We would have breakfast in the
shop, like go in our robes to whatever shops and we’d have our breakfast in the shop.”
Did you ever love Mandla?
“No. I worshipped him because I had a ‘hero syndrome’. He saved me and gave me what I’ve
always dreamt about. He was like God to me.”

Khanyi on the industry and being the OG “IT” girl
“The industry is quite boring now because everyone is so curated … there’s a certain image they
need to put out. For us, what sold was you being yourself.”
Khanyi on depression
“I’ve been depressed for about 15 years. I’m still dealing with it and I’m still getting anxiety attacks
… I only found out that I was really depressed like two years ago and when they diagnosed me,
and I sat down with my shrink, that’s when they actually told me that I’ve been depressed since my
daughter was born 15 years ago.”

Khanyi and Style

these two go together and belong together, Khanyi  is someone who has a bold sense of fashion, and is always on point ,theres no doubt she is a lover of fabulous clothing, and everything fabulous

that is why i believe she is and will remain a WOMAN STANDING STRONG

Woman Standing STRONG

This will be a daily post celebrating woman all over the world that i believe are amazing and standing strong.

Laverne Cox  is an American actress and LGBTQ+ advocate. She rose to prominence with her role as Sophia Burset on the Netflix series Orange Is the New Black, becoming the first openly transgender person to be nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award in any acting category, and the first to be nominated for an Emmy Award since composer Angela Morley in 1990. In 2015, she won a Daytime Emmy Award in Outstanding Special Class Special as executive producer for Laverne Cox Presents: The T Word, making her the first openly transgender woman to win the award.In 2017, she became the first transgender person to play a transgender series regular on broadcast TV as Cameron Wirth on CBS‘s Doubt.

I would like to, thank Laverne

For standing up for trans people everywhere

After rising to prominence in the public eye, Cox has seized on every opportunity to amplify the voices of her community and act as an ambassador, She’s called out transphobia and racism in Pride spaces, and she has publicly condemned the Trump administration’s move to rescind protections for transgender people to use the bathroom that best aligns with their gender.

For the fashion moments

Honestly, Cox’s fashion game is ridiculous. Her Instagram is serving us lewk after lewk. Is it any wonder that the Queen Bey herself would tap Cox to front the Ivy Park campaign? Get your life.

For taking time to educate

It can be difficult to approach the monumental task of educating the general public on LGBTQ+ issues with grace. But Cox has done exactly that, and she’s said it’s because she knows what’s at stake.

“Lives are on the line,” she said. “Trans people are being murdered, are being denied healthcare, access to bathrooms and employment and housing because of all of these…misconceptions that people have about who we really are.”

Also, remember this entirely adorable moment when she gave advice to a teenage boy about how to ask his trans classmate out on a date? We do.

For paving the way

Cox is a woman who has accomplished many firsts. In 2014, she became the first out trans woman to ever be featured on the cover of Time Magazine. She is also the first openly trans woman to be nominated for an Emmy in 2014, and the first to win a Daytime Emmy as an Executive Producer in 2015 for her documentary, The T Word.

This astonishing woman from Birmingham, Alabama, has paved the way for marginalized people everywhere — especially for Black transgender women. We should all bow down, and long may she reign.