Shaping your Style

The fruit basket: Determining your shape
What is the ideal shape today? I bet you’re saying, “It depends on who
you ask.” If you look at many fashion magazines, you’ll likely see the ideal
as tall and thin. If you ask the average male, he may say a woman who is
“curvaceous.” And if you ask yourself? Hmmm, that may take a little while
to answer. But here’s the deal: In order to begin to build a wardrobe that
expresses your personal style, you must determine what your shape is.
Okay, don’t roll your eyes, but yes, I’m asking you to assess your body and
then compare yourself to a piece of fruit.

You’ve probably heard these terms
before, but perhaps this is the first time you’ll actually identify yourself with
food that usually works as a centerpiece on your kitchen table.
The shape of many women can be described as bearing a similarity to either
a pear or an apple. Now, take a look in the mirror and decide which of these
you resemble most. If you’re a pear, you tend to carry your weight around
your hip and bottom area, and if you’re an apple, you tend to carry your
weight in your upper body.

Once you know your shape, your next job is to figure out how to use fashion
to accentuate the parts you love and help hide the parts you don’t. By discovering
how to draw attention away from problem areas, you then have the
general knowledge you need to dress in the most flattering way for your body
type, no matter the occasion.
Whether you’re a pear or apple does not mean you’re overweight. Apples
simply carry their weight in their upper bodies, and pears tend to carry their
weight around their hips and bottoms. The trick is to use your clothing to
make your figure more proportioned on top and bottom. What if you don’t fall
into either category (some women are cut pretty straight up and down; others
are fairly proportional)? Fortunately, you don’t have to be either one or the
other to make this information work for you. No matter your shape, you can
use the advice I give in the following sections to make the most of your clothing!
Plus, you have more leeway with what looks good. so this will be a daily blog post where i wiill unpack the shapes and advise you on what works the best for each shape.

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