What You Wear: Style Advice

The Key to Confidence
and a Window to Your Personality
You can find many definitions of what it means
to “be fashionable.

When I talk about a personal
style, I don’t mean that your clothes need
to reflect what the latest issue of Vogue shows,
What I mean is that your clothing should reflect
you and your personality. Here’s why:

✓ How you look on the outside reflects
how you feel on the inside. Are you full of
confidence or more the shy type, raring to
go or in need of a nap, ready to meet any
challenge or looking for any excuse to dive
under your desk?

✓ How you look affects your attitude, your
decisions, and often what plans you
choose to make (or, more importantly,
not make). You never know what the day
is going to bring, so you should be prepared
for all situations (within reason). If
you leave the house in the morning looking
so-so, you’re less inclined to accept that
spontaneous invitation for drinks or dinner
after work. You don’t always have to be
dressed up in cocktail attire, but if you
look great and are confident in your outfit
(even if it isn’t as dressy as you’d like),
you’ll be more inclined to accept the

✓ The way you look and feel about yourself
influences your confidence. One of the
sexiest things a woman can own is her
confidence. You want to look fabulous at
all times because, let’s face it, you should
always look like the fabulous person you
are! Confidence is your best accessory
When you walk into a place thinking, “I look smashing!”others will think the same thing. Trust me.

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